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Coastline Roofing can trouble-shoot your roofing problems, effectively diagnosing your roofing ailments and offering you a solution at a competitive price with a no-nonsense straight forward, honest approach.

Customers who have been suffering from ongoing unspecific roofing complaints without a solution have have found statisfacation and peace of mind with the work carried out by Coastline Roofing; both in working out what is the underlying problem and swiftly and efficiently carrying out the work of a very high standard and quality of workmanship. Coastline Roofing diagnose roofing complaints and project manage whole roofing projects including loft conversions, re-roofing, tiling, facias, guttering and bargeboards. Coastline Roofing's extensive work over the years has also given expertise in modern and antique chimneys included listed pieces.If you need a project managing with expertise and enthusiasm, Coastline Roofing offer you the complete professional package at a competitive price.


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Below is the recent project works in Kemp Town. Customer experiencing water ingress from attic, diagnostics uncovered cracked and dislodged tiles, missing lead, guttering and a very badly fitted velux window. Project included slate re-roofing, new fascias, guttering, velux installation, chimnney re-pointing and exterior paint.


Removal of condemned velux

Leaking Rotten fittings

flat roof brighton

Properly installed Velux

Properly laid slates

Roofing Project